Osteria enoteca ai artisti

Lead Staff

Francesca Ciancio
Chef - Owner

Vincenzo Buonfiglio


Francesca Ciancio
Chef - Owner

Damiano Urgnani

Irina Rusu
Kitchen commis

Andrea Checchin

Waiting Staff

Francesco Maschio

Francesco Tamaro

HEFcA story of family life intertwined with a growing working partnership.
From his first experience working in the family bar and restaurant, Vincenzo has cultivated his knowledge of wine. It’s not by chance that the Enoteca’s wine cellar is in constant evolution. On the other hand, Francesca’s love at first sight was for the kitchen and for cooking: a career beginning with study followed by experience has brought her to continuously experiment but always with tradition in mind. The Osteria Enoteca ai Artisti is filled with these passions giving the locale a warm and welcoming atmosphere and lively flavours, for the palate but also for the soul.

A passion for cooking, a warm welcome and a desire to continuously maintain excellence: these are the essential ingredients that for many years animate the Osteria Enoteca ai artisti. A place that tells a story, built step by step by Vincenzo and Francesca.